COVID-19 Information

Benedictine Military School administrators have developed a plan for the 2020-21 school year. Benedictine will welcome our Cadets back to campus for the start of the 2020-21 school year using a blended learning model. 
• Traditional schooling – a plan in which everyone comes to campus each school day and follows safety protocols.

• Blended – a plan to accommodate classroom distancing in which half of BC’s students come to campus three days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) one week and the other half comes two days (Tuesday, Thursday). They would rotate the following week so Cadets would have the same number of days on campus at the end of every two weeks. This would be similar to a college experience.

• CARE for THE 400 (Cadets Accessing Remotely for Education) online learning program – a plan in which Cadets would attend classes online from their homes.

BC Reopens August 3, 2020

2020-21 School Opening Plans

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  • What will be the learning environment for the opening of the 2020-21 school year (normal, blended, or online?)

    • Based upon the current outlook of the greater Chatham County community spread and the goal of in-person instruction as the optimal learning environment, we believe it is best to start the school year in a blended learning model.
    • At Benedictine, we are proud of our educational program that extends well beyond the classroom environment. We feel the blended learning model best enables the continuity of our Catholic environment, the Brotherhood, structure, and mentorship.
  • What is a blended learning model?

    • Under the blended learning model, cadets will complete their course work at the school on some days and online on others.
    • This learning model allows us to have in-person instruction while minimizing the number of cadets in the classroom, thus allowing for greater social distancing.
    • Each grade will be divided into two groups: Maroon and Gray.
    • Each group will attend in-person classes on alternating days. Each school day will be a normal class schedule running from 7:40 a.m.-3:30 p.m. (including tutorial).
    • A two-week rotation will look like the following:
           o Week One
                   ▪ Monday: Maroon
                   ▪ Tuesday: Gray
                   ▪ Wednesday: Maroon
                   ▪ Thursday: Gray
                   ▪ Friday: Maroon
           o Week Two
                   ▪ Monday: Gray
                   ▪ Tuesday: Maroon
                   ▪ Wednesday: Gray
                   ▪ Thursday: Maroon
                   ▪ Friday: Gray
  • When will school start?

    • Registration Day is August 3rd
    • Orientation for each grade will occur as follows:
             o August 4th: Seniors
             o August 5th: Freshmen
             o August 6th: Juniors
             o August 7th: Sophomores
    • A detailed email will address the specifics on the opening days of school
    • August 10th until will be our first day of the blending learning model
  • What safety precautions is Benedictine taking to create the safest in-person learning environment?

            o Whether your son is absent as a precaution or has a serious illness like the Flu or COVID-19, we have adopted additional technologies so that he may remain on pace with his peers and we have waived our traditional attendance policies:
                    ▪ For the 2020-21 school year there will be no recognition for perfect attendance
                    ▪ Attendance will also not serve as criteria for exam exemption opportunities
                    ▪ Prolonged or repeated absences will be addressed on a case-by-case basis
            o In summary, your son should remain home if he is believed to be ill
    Daily Health Questionnaire
            o All students and adults will be required to complete a daily health questionnaire before proceeding to school for that day. The completion of the questionnaire will be the ticket to school for that day. Throughout the day, cadets and adults may be randomly selected for health checks as an additional precaution.
    Air Ventilation
            o Benedictine is proud to have installed over 40 bipolar ionization systems within our air conditioning systems, which covers Benedictine’s entire indoor facilities.
                     ▪ This system inactivates pathogens and has been scientifically proven to kill COVID-19 within 30 minutes.
                     ▪ This technology is used at Google, the Mayo Clinic, the White House, and Harvard University.
            o All cleaning protocols are exceeding the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC’s) guidance for cleaning and disinfecting.
            o Handwashing and sanitization are understood to be critical in today’s school environment.
            o Daily School Cleaning
                     ▪ Each night all indoor facilities, including locker rooms and weight rooms, are cleaned and sanitized.
                     ▪ Each morning and during lunches, all high-touch surfaces will be hydrostatically cleaned.
            o Hourly Cleaning
                     ▪ Between classes, all restrooms and door handles will be sanitized.
                     ▪ Each classroom will be equipped with its own hand sanitizer and sanitary wipes.
                     ▪ To begin every class, cadets and teachers will sanitize their learning area.
            o Cafeteria
                     ▪ The cafeteria will be cleaned and sanitized between each lunch shift.
    Social Distancing
            o By beginning in a blended-learning model, we can create a classroom environment where social distancing is possible. According to historical classroom sizes, the average classroom size may fall between 8-12 students. In classroom environments of mixed-grade levels, cadets will be divided by grade as an additional precaution against a greater outbreak.
            o Classroom configurations will comply with CDC recommendations that student desks face the same direction and students seated at tables sit on the same side.
            o Group work will be limited.
            o Additional protocols will be implemented within other areas such as the hallways and the cafeteria to continue to create safe environments.
            o Hallways will be marked to designate traffic flow and as reminders to socially distance.
            o Lockers will be divided by groups to enable safe distance.
    Face Coverings
            o At this time, masks must be worn by all cadets and adults. Masks should be plain in design and not cause a distraction of any kind.
            o Face coverings are required in every campus building.
            o Additionally, face coverings may be required outside for events such as JROTC drill.
            o All classrooms will have hand sanitizer available and cadets are provided five minutes passing between classes to encourage more handwashing.
    Water Fountains
            o Water fountain upward spouts will be covered or disabled. Water fountain bottle fillers will be operational.
            o Students may bring their own water bottles or purchase water in the Cadet Shop.
            o To minimize large group settings, Mass will be livestreamed throughout the school and cadets will participate in their classrooms.
            o Cadets will continue to eat according to grade level. SAGE Dining will provide a hot lunch, sandwich, and salad option.
            o Additional 6ft tables have been purchased to maximize social distancing.
            o Cadets will be given a take-home meal to ensure that they have lunch the following day.
            o Benedictine Military School will follow guidelines established by Georgia High School Association.
    • All visitors are asked to contact the front office (912-644-7000, ext. 0) before entering the building.
    • All visitors must make appointments in advance.
    • All visitors are required to wear a mask as they enter the building and wait outside of the Front Office. Visitors may be subject to a temperature check.
  • What are the protocols for someone who is believed to be sick?

    • A remote area has been selected within the school to serve as the isolation room for any cadet or adult who displays COVID-like symptoms during the school day. Parents will be called to immediately pick up their son; adults will be immediately escorted off campus.
    • Based upon triage, those with symptoms will be referred to their primary care provider (PCP) and follow their direction. At this point we will begin our own internal contact tracing about possible exposure and/or recommendations.
    • In the case of a confirmed positive COVID test, communication will begin immediately with the Chatham County Health Department for contact-tracing and to garner their recommendations for further action.
            o Cadets will be required to remain off-campus for a recommended amount of time and must be pre-approved to return through our Athletic Training staff.
  • How will you identify others who may have been in contact with the person who tests positive for COVID-19?

    • For schools, the heart of the question is the CDC’s 6-15-48 rule. This is the CDC guideline that defines who could be considered as a "high risk exposure." To be considered, the person had to be within 6 feet for a period of 15 minutes with someone with a COVID-19 diagnosis. This pertains to the 48 hours prior to the presentation of symptoms.
    • Social distancing and wearing of masks mitigate the 6-15-48 rule.
  • In the event of an absence (or extended absence), how can my son continue his education?

    • HD streaming cameras have been purchased so that cadets may log into their Office365 account and synchronously (real-time) or asynchronously (at their discretion) through Microsoft Teams ensure they do not miss their instruction. 
  • What happens if conditions mandate a shift to the CARE for THE 400 online learning program or a closure for deep cleaning?

    • Communication to all parents and cadets will go through email. Additionally, notifications will be made on our social media platforms and our school website.
    • In the case of a shift to online learning, parents and cadets are encouraged to reach out to their teacher(s) if there is a technology need.

Messages from our Leadership

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  • June 17: Notification from our Principal, Jacob Horne

    We believe "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." We have spent a significant amount of time planning for the coming school year and, fortunately, those plans have prepared us for the likelihood that COVID-19 would directly impact our campus. As you may expect, part of our plan is active communication with our families, which is why I write this message.
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  • June 14: Update from our Principal, Jacob Horne

    Dear BC Family,
    We hope you had a great weekend and that this email finds you and your family well.  It has been fantastic seeing the cadets back on campus!  We are continuing to work diligently toward the opening of the 2020-21SY.  Below are some quick bullet points to update everyone:
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  • May 31: Update from our Principal, Jacob Horne

    Dear BC Family,
    We hope you had a great weekend and that this email finds you and your family well.  Yearbooks are in and they are SPECTACULAR once again.  We will have a drive-by pickup available on Tuesday, 6/2, from 9AM-12PM and from 2:00-5:00PM.  If you ordered a yearbook, please plan to drive through the parent pick-up line and someone will hand you a yearbook.  Also, here (2020-21 Benedictine Summer Reading and Textbook List.pdf) is the summer reading and textbook list.
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  • May 17: Update from our Principal, Jacob Horne

    Dear BC Family,

    We hope you had a great weekend and that this email finds you and your family well. We are wrapping up final grades for underclassmen. Lunch is still being provided through Friday from 11:00AM-1:00PM. Although we continue to deal with COVID-19 disruptions to our life, it has been a fantastic year. We look forward to getting back to normal for the beginning of the 2020-21 school year. Please be on the lookout for the 2020-21SY Summer Reading and Textbook list likely being posted next week. Although I will not send a weekly email during the summer, there may be times when I or someone else may write you pertaining to Benedictine.  Thank you again for choosing Benedictine Military School.  God bless.
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  • May 13: Senior Honors Day update from our Principal, Jacob Horne

    Dear Senior Parents,
    We hope this email finds you and your family well.  Please see the link to our Senior Honors Day recordings (below).  The links are also posted on our social media accounts.  Congratulations to each awardee and the class of 2020 as a whole.  They are all such great young men.
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