Forward, Always Forward 
Capital Campaign

“Forward, always forward, everywhere forward!  We must not be held back by debts, bad years, or by difficulties of the times.  Man’s adversity is God’s opportunity.”  ~Archabbot Boniface Wimmer, O.S.B.

In 1963, Benedictine Military School was turning 60 and had outgrown its urban campus on Bull and 34th Street in downtown Savannah.  As the monks prayed and deliberated on a solution, divine providence presented a solution in the form of a bequest from Mrs. Helen Thorton Anderson.  This extraordinary gift of $500,000 served as the catalyst for Benedictine’s first ever capital campaign, allowing for the expansion of the school to its current location on Seawright Drive.

Once again, we are poised to step forward to meet the needs of the future.  The Forward, Always Forward capital campaign will provide the next generation of Benedictine students with the learning environment and tools needed to ensure a bright future for them and for those whose lives they will impact.  Our priorities are: Academics, Endowment, and Athletics.


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Naming Opportunities

STEM Phase I    
STEM Wing $1,000,000 (reserved)
Atrium $200,000 (1 available)
Computer Laboratory $100,000 (1 available)
Conference Room $100,000 (1 available)
Mathematics Classrooms $100,000 (2 available, 2 reserved)
Study Carrels $75,000 (2 available)
STEM Phase II    
Science Laboratory $250,000 (1 reserved, 3 available)
Lecture Hall $250,000 (reserved)
Other Opportunities     
Academic Well in Academic Building $1,000,000 (1 available)
New Synthetic Turf Football/Soccer/ Lacrosse Field  $1,000,000 (1 available)
Academic Halls in Academic Building $500,000 (3 available, 4 reserved)
Renovated Classrooms in Academic Building $50,000 (7 available, 14 reserved)



Founded in 1902, Benedictine Military School is an all-male, Catholic, college preparatory day school educating young men in grades 9-12.

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