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Q:  Why does Benedictine Military School need a Capital Campaign?
A:  Since BC’s inception, its facilities and operations have consistently reflected the Benedictine mission of simplicity and its commitment to making tuition accessible to the broad community. Investment in BC is critical at this time. In order to fully support the strong academic and social endeavors of a Benedictine education, three priorities are to be addressed through the Forward, Always Forward capital campaign:  Academics, Endowment, and Athletics.  The academic priority will provide renovated classroom space with much needed upgraded technology, campus improvements, a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics wing, and security upgrades.  The endowment priority will increase our current endowment by $2 million to ensure financial stability for the future, provide financial aid to families most in need, and promote faculty development.  The athletic priority will provide a stadium and field house.  More details about the capital campaign priorities can be found in the case statement on our website.

Q:  How will the Capital Campaign be funded?
A:  The Forward, Always Forward Capital Campaign will be funded through both charitable donations and private gifts from every member of the school community: parents, alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents, faculty and businesses in the vicinity. We also intend to seek assistance from foundations.

Q:  What are the goals of the Capital Campaign?
A:  We are committed to raising $6 million for the academic priority, $2 million for the endowment priority, and $4 million for the athletic facilities priority.

Q:  How is the campaign being run?
A:  The Steering Committee, chaired by Walter Murphy ‘71, involves volunteers coordinating campaign activities along with administrative support from BC.

Q:  Why is the endowment a priority in the Campaign?
A:  The second goal of Forward, Always Forward is to increase our endowment by $2 million which will provide BC with the financial security to weather fluctuations in enrollment and fundraising, helping ensure its strength for future generations.

Q:  Will BC families be asked to give to the Capital Campaign even if we support the Annual Fund?
A:  For the 2014-2015 school year, the annual fund and capital campaign are combined so that families are only asked to support one fund.  By doing this, every member of our BC community can be a part of the Forward, Always Forward capital campaign and still provide the funds that are integral to the annual operating expenses of the school.  The goal for the annual fund portion of the combined fund is $375,000 which covers the deficit between operation expenses and tuition received.  Funds raised above $375,000 will be used towards the academic priority of the campaign.  We ask families to support BC in a way that is meaningful both to the school and to their family. Every gift, no matter how big or small, will contribute to the success of our project.r the Savannah community.

Q:  Are there naming opportunities?
A:  There are naming opportunities for some gifts to the Campaign. At the time a gift is made, you will be invited to discuss the best way we can recognize your generosity if you so desire.

Q:  I am ready to contribute now.  Whom should I contact?
A:  Thank you for your support!  Because this is such an important initiative, and we want to make sure you understand the various options and opportunities for giving, please contact Greg Markiton '92, Advancement Director, at (912) 644-7016 or via email 




Founded in 1902, Benedictine Military School is an all-male, Catholic, college preparatory day school educating young men in grades 9-12.

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