June 14: Update from our Principal, Jacob Horne

This Week at BC

Dear BC Family,
We hope you had a great weekend and that this email finds you and your family well.  It has been fantastic seeing the cadets back on campus!  We are continuing to work diligently toward the opening of the 2020-21SY.  Below are some quick bullet points to update everyone:
  • We are continuing to plan for all contingencies for the 2020-21SY.  As with this entire pandemic, things will continue to be fluid.  To be able to deal with all possible scenarios, we ask that you purchase a handful of reusable masks for your son.  The masks should be plain in style.  Should we require for the cadets to be in masks, it will be considered part of the uniform and required for the academic day.
  • As we continue to attempt to confront issues surrounding COVID-19, we have partnered with JC Lewis' Primary Health Center Mobile Unit.  They will be at BC to offer testing on Tuesday, 6/23, and Thursday, 6/25, from 9:00AM-12:00PM.  The test will be free to you and your son(s); however, you will need to pre-register (HERE).  If you have insurance, please present your insurance card in person, although, insurance is not required.  Spaces are limited, so sign up quickly if you wish to take advantage of this resource.
  • Please remember that we are in summer hours now.  We are open from 8:30-2:30, Monday through Thursday.  During summer hours not everyone is in their office every day.  If you seek to meet with a specific individual, we advise you to email them well in advance as to ensure that person is available at that date/time.
  • BC School Uniforms: Here is a link to Bahama Joes' BC website.  As you will also see below, the PTO and the Cadet Shop are partnering for a used uniform sale June 17th from 3:00-6:00PM.
Please continue to stay safe. God bless, and please give your son(s) our best. Thank you again for choosing Benedictine Military School.
Jacob Horne