BC Announces Fr. Albert Field

Benedictine will soon break ground on a new turf field complex which will be named in honor of Father Albert C. Bickerstaff, O.S.B. Father Albert was a beloved teacher, coach, mentor, and counselor to thousands of Benedictine Cadets. He came to BC in 1967 when the Benedictines from Latrobe, Pa. assumed the responsibility of Benedictine Military School in Savannah. Fr. Albert served Benedictine Military School until his passing from cancer in 2003.
Benedictine Military School received a $1 million commitment from Mario and Deannie De La Guardia for the Forward, Always Forward, Capital Campaign. Mario is a proud member of the BC Class of 1979. “I’m excited to give back to Benedictine Military School and invest in the next generation of Cadets,” he said. “The years of friendship that I shared, the great education, and the leadership training I received have all greatly influenced and guided my life. Benedictine is a unique institution which improves the individual. We need to invest in Benedictine to remain in the forefront of education and athletics.”

“The school has been carefully considering the naming of the new turf field,” Benedictine Military School Headmaster Father Frank Ziemkiewicz, O.S.B. said. “When Will Dorminy so generously agreed to contribute $1 million to the project in November 2018, he told us we could choose someone we would like to honor for the naming of the field. Fr. Albert’s name was definitely on our hearts and kept coming up in our discussions. When Mario made his commitment, he asked us if we’d consider naming the field in honor of Fr. Albert. I consider that divine intervention. My deepest thanks to Mario and Deannie for their generosity towards Benedictine. They have substantially helped move our turf field project forward. It is particularly special that they are honoring one of the icons of the BC family in Fr. Albert Bickerstaff.”