Brandon DeLoach '15 in a New York state of mind

By Noell Barnidge

A chance encounter on an airplane resulted in a Manhattan marketing career for Brandon DeLoach, Benedictine Military School Class of 2015.

DeLoach, who celebrated his 23rd birthday this week, graduated in May, 2019, with a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business. In July, he and his mother, Robin, were on a flight to Atlanta from Mexico, where they had vacationed. Seated next to them was Shane Madden, a manager for TransPerfect, a family of companies providing language services and technology solutions for global business.

“Funny story,” DeLoach said Tuesday as he walked along Park Ave. to his office after lunch at Chipotle. “The guy who is my direct manager, I met him on an airplane with my mom. It was at a time when I was actually looking for a job. I was on my laptop applying for jobs on the plane. I had never even heard of the company that I work for now. It’s called TransPerfect.

“My mom had won a rewards trip from Pfizer (her employer),” he continued. “My dad (John, BC Class of 1985) couldn’t go so I got to go. It was pretty sweet. We weren’t at the same resort (as Madden) but we happened to be on the same flight back to Atlanta. I just got to talking to him and he noticed my mom’s Pfizer bag, and that’s how we got to talking.”

A week later, DeLoach interviewed with TransPerfect. Two weeks later, he moved to New York City to begin working as an account manager on TransPerfect’s marketing/media/advertising team.

“It happened very quickly,” DeLoach said. “It was kind of nerve-wracking for a little bit, the first week, being in a new job, new place, new city. There’s a lot of things you have to figure out up here that you wouldn’t really know about before. Since I’ve been here, I’ve gotten more comfortable with it. I think stepping out of my comfort zone and moving up here was a good decision. It showed me a lot and I think it will make me a better person in my career. I like it a lot. I was very fortunate. It happened out of nowhere.”

TransPerfect ( employs over 5,000 people and has over 90 offices throughout the world.

“We are a global communications and language technology company,” DeLoach said. “We help individuals and companies translate documents, whether it be birth certificates, it can be anything, even emails. If somebody needed their emails translated into Russian, we can do it. It’s grown into website translation, localizing websites and marketing campaigns for companies, translating legal documents, translating every detail of what goes into a new drug when it comes out. It’s a market that’s growing because every business is getting more globalized, and everyone wants to have their company and everything about their company translated into different markets.”

DeLoach, who not only works but also lives in Manhattan, said his parents are planning to visit soon.

“They haven’t even seen my place yet,” he said, laughing. “They were going to come up but Tristan (his brother, BC Class of 2021) just has so much soccer stuff going on. We’re looking into a good time for them to come up. I send them pictures all the time.

“One of my absolute favorite things to do is just go hang out in Central Park because there are so many people there,” he continued. “You wouldn’t believe it. There are so many different people all hanging out. I like that a lot. I think the biggest New York thing to do is to work. Everyone around here, it’s kind of like a non-stop hustle for all these people.”

DeLoach, who came to BC from St. James Catholic School, was on the academic honor roll in each of his four years as a Cadet. He was a member of JROTC all four years, was in both the Spanish and Leo clubs, and played both football and soccer all four years. He helped BC win the 2014 GHSA Class AA state championship in football, and was a team captain in soccer as a senior.

“Something that is a mindset of mine right now, being in a lower-tier position, it’s not always glamorous,” he said. “You do a lot of work for your manager to help him out. That’s starting from the bottom and putting your work in early. I felt that same way at BC when I played football. I wasn’t the best football player as a freshman at all, but you keep working at it, and by my senior year I was trusted enough to get chosen for a starting spot. I hate to use a sports analogy but I think that speaks a lot to my situation now. I’m putting in work and, you know, four years down the road – maybe this will take even longer – but four years down the road, I can reap a lot of benefits just because I stuck with it.”