POSITIVE NEWS: BC's new purification system kills COVID-19

Thanks to the generous help of BC parent Mallie Seckinger, father of Mallie ’17 and Robert ’19, Benedictine students and faculty will be in a safer environment when they return to school in early August. Mr. Seckinger has provided a number of patented bipolar ionization systems which are being installed in every central air conditioning system on the BC campus. Other clients using this same technology include Google, the Mayo Clinic, Harvard University and the White House.
Recent testing by Innovative Bioanalysis, a certified safety reference laboratory headquartered in Cypress, Calif., demonstrated high success against the COVID-19 virus. The result showed neutralization began immediately and that up to 99.4 percent of the virus was inactivated within 30 minutes.
The ionization system reduces the threat of viruses, bacteria, mold, allergens, and other contaminants in the air and on surfaces by releasing positively and negatively charged ions which are delivered through the natural airflow of our heating and air conditioning systems inside our buildings. The ions seek out and attach themselves to the harmful contaminants and break them down into their natural compounds. This continuous sanitizing process is 100 percent natural and safe. It uses no chemicals and produces no harmful by-products such as ozone or ultra-violet light.
Benedictine Military School began working with this technology several years ago after installing units in Athletic Center air conditioning systems to combat viruses and bacteria. Now the school is installing the system in all on-campus buildings. This is one of the many new safety measures which have been added to protect our students, faculty, and staff. Our Cadets will begin the 2020-21 school year in a healthier and safer environment thanks to this technology.
"Every school leader’s first concern is the health and safety of our students and faculty/staff," Benedictine Principal Jacob Horne said. "Several experts have pointed to school air quality as a priority for returning to school. At Benedictine, this has been adequately addressed and, thanks to Mr. Seckinger, our families can feel confident in the safe return of their sons to Benedictine for the fall."