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4 Days for THE 400 - Parents

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4 Days for THE 400 Parent Challenge Oct. 2 - Oct. 5

The Power of Participation Starts With YOU!
PARENT GOAL = 75% participation in 4 days

The Annual Fund supports every Cadet, teacher, and program at Benedictine Military School. It provides the flexibility to respond to changing circumstances and to take advantage of new opportunities. It helps to bridge the gap between the actual cost of educating a student and the tuition. Every gift truly counts — no matter the size.  Thanks to the generosity of the BC community, the Annual Fund can support a wide range of needs across the school.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why is the Benedictine Fund so important?

    The Benedictine Fund is the school's second-largest revenue source after tuition, accounting for approximately 8.3 percent of BC’s operating budget. Annual giving is the lifeblood of any private school and is the catalyst to our success. It is the financial support from parents, alumni, and friends that keeps the institution strong. Our Cadets are the most direct and immediate beneficiaries of all Benedictine Fund gifts.
  • Why did BC start the 4 Day Parent Giving Challenge?

    Four years ago, BC was averaging 30 percent parent participation and we decided to launch a comprehensive parent campaign to help promote parent giving over 5 days (4 days this year). Since we launched the campaign, we have grown parent participation from 30 percent participation to an average of 70 percent participation. Your generosity will directly support what matters most, our Cadets! Please give at any level this week to help us reach 75 percent parent participation in just 4 days!!!

  • Why is Parent Participation so important?

    The Benedictine Fund is like the oxygen that allows the school to not only operate, but to thrive. It provides for day-to-day budgetary expenditures, from keeping the lights on to maintaining our beautiful campus. It provides our talented teachers with competitive salaries and professional development, so that we can attract and retain the best teaching professionals for our young men. It allows us to shine the light on each student's unique God-given gifts and talents so he can go out in the world and be the best version of himself. You name it, the Benedictine Fund helps make it possible!
  • What are my giving options?

    ONLINE: You can make an online gift on this page.

    VENMO: New for 2023. It's convenient and safe.

    ONE TIME GIFT: You can click on “Make a Gift or Pledge Today” and enter your credit card.

    RECURRING: You can choose the recurring payment option which allows you to spread payments over multiple installments throughout the fiscal year. June 30 is the end of our fiscal year period and all pledges must be paid in full at that time.

    CHECK OR CASH: You can always mail or drop off your gift to BC at 6502 Seawright Dr. Savannah, GA 31406.

  • How much should I contribute?

    Every gift, of any size, is meaningful, impactful, and very much appreciated. We ask you to consider giving as generously as you are able, but whatever the amount, it is your participation that BC values most. By making your gift on or before October 6th, you are helping BC stay faithful to its mission, while continuing to shape tomorrow's leaders.

BC Parent Testimonies

Justin and Neilie Dunn, Parents of Cullen Dunn '27
As parents, we have immediately recognized that the components of academics, athletics, brotherhood, discipline, and a faith-based education are all vital aspects to the overall composition of Benedictine Military School. We believe that all of these attributes are imperative to our son’s overall growth and will further strengthen his character and shape him as a man.
By investing in our children’s education, we are directly investing into their future and ensuring that multiple young men will have this same opportunity. Through your gift, both our children and community will benefit from the knowledge and guidance our Cadets receive at BC.

Howard and Camille Morrison, Parents of Jim Reynolds Morrison '26
We chose Benedictine Military School for our son for several reasons. We wanted a faith-based education with traditional values. We wanted him to be a part of the JROTC program, which is an integral part of the BC culture. We value and appreciate the respect, accountability, and discipline that BC instills in young men. 
Character, Spirituality, Purpose, Brotherhood are not merely words written in a statement, they are real tangible things that the Cadets gain and experience in their time at Benedictine. We are confident that because of all of these aspects of the school, and the confidence and knowledge that our son has gained, he will be well prepared for college and the world ahead.
The BC community is like a close-knit family that sticks together, and it means so much to us to be a part of it. We have been welcomed by faculty, staff, parents, students, and alumni alike. There could not be a better school for our son, and we are thrilled that our son is a Benedictine Military School Cadet. Have your son Come Fall in Line and become one of The 400!  
Justin and Jennifer Redmond (BC Junior Chairs, 2023-2024), Parents of Tyler Redmond '25
Tyler transferred into Benedictine Military School as a sophomore, and we have been thoroughly impressed with the strong, positive culture and the community of administration, faculty, and staff that have made his transition a wonderful experience. Tyler was welcomed into the BC brotherhood and accepted into multiple BC sports and several school clubs, all while being challenged in rigorous academics. We are impressed with the depth of the academic and extracurricular offerings at BC and the emphasis on creating opportunities for everyone to get involved and serve. Together with the Catholic school education, we could not be more supportive of Benedictine Military School for its influence in forming our son into a man of honor, integrity, and virtue, while exuding great confidence and discipline in the walk of life. 
It is clear to us that the school leadership has developed a strong vision for the continued success of BC and the annual fund is an important part of delivering that success for our boys. We are proud to step forward and participate in the annual fund to support this wonderful institution.
** We ask everyone to take part in our school community by showing full participation toward the annual fund at any level. Your participation is what keeps this BC community strong and thriving for our families!

Ryan and Tori Chandler, Parents of Jack Chandler '24
In Savannah, choosing where to send your child for high school can be a daunting task. There are many choices in our town, each with its own unique culture, strengths, and challenges. In our case, one of us had roots at another local school and the other was a native of Miami. So, how did we come to choose Benedictine? The answer is simple. Benedictine offers an educational framework with a proven pathway for boys to develop into strong young men. A framework that is not “one size fits all.” As the parents of three unique boys, Ryan ’23, Jack ’24, and Wiley ’27, we wanted each child to find their own success within the walls of BC. As we sit here today, while it’s not always easy, each of the boys is well on their way to achieving their goals and growing into men of character, faith, and determination. We have no doubt that many of you can relate to the unique challenges of raising boys and providing them with an education designed for their needs.
An often-asked question: why give to a private school above and beyond tuition? For us, there are three reasons: gratitude, engagement, growth. First, we are grateful for what Benedictine has done for our boys’ development. Second, giving is an additional way to stay engaged with the school and deepen our connection. Finally, we love to support the growth of the school, so other young men can reap the benefits of a BC education. The amount of the gift is secondary to the decision to give because all of us give according to our means. Every gift is greatly appreciated and will be used to help future generations of BC students reach their full potential.
Senior Class 2024 – we propose a challenge that we do something never before achieved: 100% parent participation. Let’s show the entire BC community our gratitude, engagement, and support for future Cadets by donating to the annual fund. No donation is too small. We can do this together. Go Cadets!