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5 Days for THE 400

5 Days for THE 400 Alumni Challenge- Nov. 9-13

The Power of Participation Starts With YOU!
ALUMNI GOAL = 20% participation
The Benedictine Fund is our annual campaign which supports every Cadet, teacher, and program at Benedictine Military School. It provides the flexibility to respond to changing circumstances and to take advantage of new opportunities. It helps to bridge the gap between the actual cost of educating a student and the tuition. Every gift truly counts—no matter the size.  Thanks to the generosity of the BC community, the Benedictine Fund can support a wide range of needs across the school.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why is the Benedictine Fund important?

    The Annual Fund is the school's second largest revenue source behind tuition, accounting for approximately 70 percent of the BC’s operating budget.  Being an independent school means that we are a non-profit organization, operating without financial support from local or federal taxes. We rely on tuition income, annual fund income, and endowment income to support the day-to-day operation of our school. The Annual Fund helps bridge that gap. Our Cadets are the most direct and immediate beneficiaries of all Benedictine Fund gifts.
  • Why is BC launching a 5 Day Alumni Giving Challenge?

    Back in September, BC challenged our current parents to reached 66% participation in just 5 days. They answered the called by finishing the challenge with an astounding 72%. Now it is time for our Alumni to step up to the plate and reach over 20% in 5 days!
    Alumni support is a key factor in the success and growth of Benedictine Military School. Alumni participation has been averaging 18-19% over the past few years, and there is so much room for growth. Not only is alumni giving percentage a “vote of support” in one’s alma mater, it impacts the amount of financial support foundations and major donors provide BC.
  • Why is Alumni Participation so important?

    As a BC alumnus, making your gift to The Benedictine Fund has an immediate and direct impact on our current generation of Cadets. Your gift supports need-based financial aid, faculty professional development, campus safety and security, and the day-to-day operations of the school. As Benedictine men supported the school when you walked the halls, now you are called upon to carry on the tradition.
  • What are my giving options?

    ONLINE: You can make an online gift on this page.

    ONE TIME GIFT: You can click on “Make a Gift or Pledge Today” and enter your credit card.

    PLEDGE: You can click “Make a Gift or Pledge Today” and choose the “pledge to give” option, enter your credit card, and choose a payment date that works best for you. Your payment needs to be received no later than June 30, 2021.

    RECURRING: You can choose the recurring payment option which allows you to spread payments over multiple installments throughout the fiscal year. June 30 is the end of our fiscal year period and all pledges must be paid in full at that time.

    TEXT: You can text thebc400 to 243725 to make your gift. 

    CHECK: You can always make your check payable to Benedictine Military School and mail it to:
    The Benedictine Fund
    6502 Seawright Drive
    Savannah, Georgia 31406
  • How much should I contribute?

    Every gift, of any size, is meaningful, impactful, and very much appreciated. We ask you to consider giving as generously as you are able, but whatever the amount, it is your participation that BC values most.
  • What is the "Class of the Year" Competition?

    The Class of the Year is the BC class that has the largest number of donors by the end of the fiscal year, June 30th, 2021. Last year, BC Class of 1975 won the Class of the Year challenge with 47 donors. They went from 12 donors in 2018-2019 to a total of 47 in 2019-20. We have provided the Class of the Year over the past 10 years on the giving page for your review. Whose class will be the Class of the Year for 2020-21?
  • What is Gold Class Status?

    BC recognizes all classes that reach 30% or higher participation as “Gold Class Status”.

Who will earn "CLASS OF THE YEAR"?

2020-21     ????        ???
2019-20    1975          47
2018-19    2001          40
2017-18    1980          49
2016-17    1980          46
2015-16    1980          44
2014-15    1980          52
2013-14    1961          20
2012-13    1976          27
2011-12    1987          39

Alumni Testimonies

“The experiences and lifelong lessons only found at BC impact my life on a daily basis. The foundation of the BC man: leadership, character, self-reliance, and responsibility was instilled in all of us and guides us throughout our lives. These lessons along with our bonds of brotherhood last a lifetime. These are a few reasons I am forever grateful and honored to help assure that future BC Cadets will be afforded the same opportunity and blessings that come with our great institution of Benedictine. Come fall in line…”
-T.J. Hollis '95 
2020 Alumni Chair, The Benedictine Fund

"The BC experience provided me with a sense of being a part of something bigger. Entering BC weighing less than 100lbs, barely five feet tall and having no measurable athletic ability was a scary experience. The fear was unfounded as I quickly became part of something that was diverse, supportive, structured, and exceptional. The espirit de corps of BC fostered a strong desire within me to always support my community. Giving to the annual campaign is a small way that I can help keep tuition down and quality high."
- Tim Blanco '95

"When I think of BC, I think of the word family. BC is a very loving community where everyone truly wants you to succeed. People go out of their way to lend a helping hand and that what makes this environment so special. BC has impacted my life by introducing me to many lifelong friends; people who I still talk to on a daily basis."
-Ellison Burns '14

"BC is not just a school, its a community.  At Benedictine, earning a diploma does not signify an end, but instead a beginning - a lifelong commitment to the values and ideals that the school and monastic community represents.  As a student, an alumnus, and later a parent - Benedictine has taught me the value of community and the importance of belonging to something that is bigger than yourself.  As alumni, it is is incumbent on us to be the best stewards of this gift of place."
-Bob Ciucevich '86

"Benedictine gave me the foundation I needed to thrive in life. I could never repay everyone who instilled in me the respect, discipline, and responsibility that I learned in those four years. I would not be the man I am today without BC, and for that I am forever grateful."
- Geoffrey Johnson '99
The CARES Act now allows you to deduct donations up to $300 per taxpayer or $600 per couple to Benedictine without having to item your deductions. In plain English, if you donate up to $300 to BC, your AGI will be reduced by up to $300- and you can still claim the standard deduction.

Also, the CARES Act is allowing a 100% deduction allowance for cash gifts to Benedictine for the entire 2020 tax year, up to your adjusted gross income. Previously, the allowance has been 60% allowance of adjusted gross income.