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5 Days for THE 400

5 Days for THE 400- September 21-25

The Power of Participation Starts With YOU!
The Benedictine Fund is our annual campaign which supports every Cadet, teacher, and program at Benedictine Military School. It provides the flexibility to respond to changing circumstances and to take advantage of new opportunities. It helps to bridge the gap between the actual cost of educating a student and the tuition. Every gift truly counts—no matter the size.  Thanks to the generosity of the BC community, the Benedictine Fund can support a wide range of needs across the school.

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  • Why is the Benedictine Fund Important?

    The Annual Fund is the school's second largest revenue source behind tuition, accounting for approximately 70 percent of the BC’s operating budget.  Being an independent school means that we are a non-profit organization, operating without financial support from local or federal taxes. We rely on tuition income, annual fund income, and endowment income to support the day-to-day operation of our school. The Annual Fund helps bridge that gap. Our Cadets are the most direct and immediate beneficiaries of all Benedictine Fund gifts.
  • Why is Parent Participation so important?

    Parents provide Benedictine Military School with a firm foundation of support. The percentage of parent support is also important in the eyes of major donors and grant-making foundations. Broad-based giving is a sign of institutional strength.  Even more so, strong parent giving is an affirmation of your family’s belief in school leadership and BC’s mission.
  • How much should I contribute?

    Every gift, of any size, is meaningful, impactful, and very much appreciated. We ask you to consider giving as generously as you are able, but whatever the amount, it is your participation that BC values most.  
  • Can we pay in installments?

    When you make an online donation, you can choose the recurring payment option which allows you to spread payments over multiple installments throughout the fiscal year. June 30 is the end of our fiscal year period and all pledges must be paid in full at that time.

Why are our BC parents so important to the Benedictine Fund?

>> YOU have a personal stake in the campaign’s success
>> YOU represent the heart of our school
>> YOU see an impact through your son's education
>> YOU believe in BC

Parent Testimonies

We moved to Savannah in 2000 and immediately started hearing about Benedictine Military School and how special an institution is was.  When our son was born in 2003, there was already no doubt what high school he would attend.  As his freshman year began, it was evident to us that we could not have made a better decision.  BC prepares these boys not only for college, but for life and gives them the tools and support necessary to be a good man.
- Jason and Amy Cowan, Senior Class Chair-Couple 

As we started the process of looking at schools and visiting other campuses for our son, I will say that Benedictine Military was not on our list, yet. My wife, who was raised in a military family, was drawn to the prospect of the discipline and brotherhood that a military school provides. She convinced me to keep an open mind and at least attend open house to see what BC had to offer. I finally agreed and attended the open house the following week and the experience completely changed my perspective on BC. The atmosphere was extremely welcoming, and I was impressed by the level of commitment that the faculty expressed for the students and their education. I recognized a great opportunity to place our son in an environment that would lead to a successful education as well as instill strong values as he grows into adulthood. Our decision has resulted in a perfect fit for our son and we are proud of the young man our son has grown into during his time at Benedictine.
- Greg and Dunice Welch, Junior Class Chair-Couple

Our journey with BC began when we attended Open House. When we left that day, we asked Miles what his thoughts were. Without any hesitation, he said BC was the place for him. Our family has been so blessed and we can’t imagine being part of another school family. BC is just that, a family. We have watched our son grow and mature spiritually, mentally, and physically. The brotherhood at BC is real. Miles has made great friends and they always push and encourage each other to be their best. Who wouldn’t want that for their son? The administration and faculty want nothing more than to see the boys be successful and become the best men they can be. This was put to the test during the pandemic. BC knocked it out of the park with having a plan in place for virtual learning. Come on Class of 2023 families, let’s show our support by giving what you can today. Let’s continue to remind ourselves to go Forward, Always Forward!
- Russ and Mandy Clemmons, Sophomore Class Chair-Couple

As a BC alumnus with generations of Crawford Cadets before me, it was a proud moment for Stacy and I to see our son, Tate, dressed in uniform and part of THE 400. We have chosen to support BC over the years, prior to having high school-age children, in full confidence that one day our own would attend. We felt it was important to see BC survive and thrive for our own boys to experience the camaraderie, educational excellence, and leadership training this school is so well known for. We have not been disappointed and look forward to what the coming years will bring. We will continue to show our support long after our boys leave BC, in hopes that the Crawford family will see many more Cadets to come.
- Stacy and Stephen Crawford ‘00 Freshmen Class Chair-Couple
The CARES Act now allows you to deduct donations up to $300 per taxpayer or $600 per couple to Benedictine without haveing to item your deductions. In plain English, if you donate up to $300 to BC, your AGI will be reduced by up to $300- and you can still claim the standard deduction.

Also, the CARES Act is allowing a 100% deduction allowance for cash gifts to Benedictine for the entire 2020 tax year, up to your adjusted gross income. Previously, the allowance has been 60% allowance of adjusted gross income.