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5 Days for THE 400- Alumni

5 Days for THE 400 Alumni Challenge- Nov. 8-12

The Power of Participation Starts With YOU!
ALUMNI GOAL = 600 donors in 5 days
The Benedictine Fund supports every Cadet, teacher, and program at Benedictine Military School. It provides the flexibility to respond to changing circumstances and to take advantage of new opportunities. It helps to bridge the gap between the actual cost of educating a student and the tuition. Every gift truly counts—no matter the size.  Thanks to the generosity of the BC community, the annual fund can support a wide range of needs across the school.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why is the Benedictine Fund important?

    The Annual Fund is the school's second largest revenue source behind tuition, accounting for approximately 70 percent of the BC’s operating budget.  Being an independent school means that we are a non-profit organization, operating without financial support from local or federal taxes. We rely on tuition income, annual fund income, and endowment income to support the day-to-day operation of our school. The Annual Fund helps bridge that gap. Our Cadets are the most direct and immediate beneficiaries of all Benedictine Fund gifts.
  • Why is BC launching a 5 Day Alumni Giving Challenge?

    In October, the current BC parents far exceeded expectations by raising over $81,000 with 69% participation in just 5 days! 100% of the BC Faculty and Staff  have also contributed. We all know that BC alumni love a good challenge so now it’s our turn to show our support and give back to a place that means so much to us.
  • Why is Alumni Participation so important?

    High levels of alumni participation is a vote of confidence in the mission and culture of BC. It is a reflection of the support and the commitment to our Benedictine values which are instilled in every Cadet.
  • What are my giving options?

    ONLINE: You can make an online gift on this page.

    ONE TIME GIFT: You can click on “Make a Gift or Pledge Today” and enter your credit card.

    PLEDGE: You can click “Make a Gift or Pledge Today” and choose the “pledge to give” option, enter your credit card, and choose a payment date that works best for you. Your payment needs to be received no later than June 30, 2021.

    RECURRING: You can choose the recurring payment option which allows you to spread payments over multiple installments throughout the fiscal year. June 30 is the end of our fiscal year period and all pledges must be paid in full at that time.

    TEXT: You can text thebc400 to 243725 to make your gift. 

    CHECK: You can always make your check payable to Benedictine Military School and mail it to:
    The Benedictine Fund
    6502 Seawright Drive
    Savannah, Georgia 31406
  • How much should I contribute?

    Every gift, of any size, is meaningful, impactful, and very much appreciated. We ask you to consider giving as generously as you are able, but whatever the amount, it is your participation that BC values most.

Who will earn "CLASS OF THE YEAR"?

The coveted "Class of the Year" award will be presented at the annual Alumni Dinner in August.  This year, the winner of the "Class of the Year" will determined through a points system which takes into account three categories:
1. Number of donors
2. Percent participation
3. Amount contributed

At the close of the fiscal year on June 30th, the top ten classes in each of the three categories will receive points. #1 in each category will receive 10 points, #2 will receive 9 points, #3 will receive 8 points. The total number of cumulative points will be totaled for each class and the winner will be crowned.

The "Class of the Year" will receive special recognition at dinner, as well as the monthly e-blast, website, social media, and the fall magazine. Father Frank will also host a special event for the class- usually a dinner in the Hospitality Suite at a home football game. The winning class will also have their class inscribed on the "Class of the Year" plaque which hangs in Alumni Hall. Good luck and remember- every dollar you donate helps our Cadets! 

2021-22     ????          ??
2020-21    1976          79
2019-20    1975          47
2018-19    2001          40
2017-18    1980          49
2016-17    1980          46
2015-16    1980          44
2014-15    1980          52
2013-14    1961          20
2012-13    1976          27
2011-12    1987          39

Alumni Testimonies

"To whom much is given much is expected and Benedictine gave me so much. The life lessons, comradery, education, and religious foundation passed on to me from my time at Benedictine have left me compelled to give back to a place I love so much. Benedictine was built on the backs of giants and as an alumnus I feel it is our duty to support Benedictine in any way we can. By giving back we can ensure the young men at BC will have even better opportunities than myself and the men before me. Join me in supporting Benedictine and making a commitment to our continued growth and success."
-Pierce Cannon '01
2021-22 Alumni Chair, The Benedictine Fund

"There is something remarkable and unique about BC. First, it is a family. The brotherhood stays forever. You have a chance to make many lifelong relationships; relationships that you will need through life.  Secondly, it’s the culture. Academics, athletics, religion and leadership through ROTC help promote the development of the student.  Their are many experiences I had at BC that continue to guide me today. As an alum, I continue to stay involved because BC invested in me."
Drew Ambos'87

"As a proud BC alum and current BC faculty member, my number one goal is to help mature our Cadets into young men. My responsibility is to help them be successful on and off the field. I was much like many of these young men growing up and had great mentors throughout my life who made me who I am today. My love for BC encourages and instills the importance of academic achievement, hard work and persevering all the way to the finish line. Understanding that being disciplined and having accountability will give them the stability and structure needed to be successful as adults. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing young men transform their lives, realizing that moment when things connect for them and they believe in themselves."
Galen Houston '04

"It is important to give back to BC in any way you can because, as alumni, we are a part of helping continue a brotherhood that is bigger than just our own diploma. These donations don't simply go to a new building or a football stadium, they go to the continuation of a tradition that anyone who has or will graduate from BC will share in. Even small donations could be the difference in helping one more student be a part of one of the greatest traditions in Savannah. "
Miles McGinty '14

“From my perspective as an alumnus, parent of an alumnus and current board chair, I understand the importance of the financial support for our school and the investment made by so many alumni, parents and friends of BC.  Without that continued support, the school could not continue to fulfil its mission of educating and molding the next generation of fine young BC men who are our future.  Your continued financial support of BC is both crucial and appreciated.”
Chris Phillips '79
Chairman, BC Board of Directors