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Planned Giving

What Is Your Legacy?

We all want to be known as someone who truly made a difference. Someone who left their mark and made a significant impact during their lifetime. Remembering Benedictine in your estate plans is a way to leave a lasting legacy which will ensure the future of BC for many generations to come.

Join the 1902 Heritage Society

The 1902 Heritage Society recognizes those who have made a commitment to Benedictine through a planned gift, through bequests (gifts by will), life insurance policies and life income gifts (annuities and trusts).

To become a member, simply inform the Advancement Office in writing that you have named Benedictine Military School as a beneficiary in your financial or estate plans. 
If you have named Benedictine Military School in your estate plans, please notify:
Greg Markiton '92
Director of Advancement


  • A planned gift is one you arrange during your lifetime with the benefit to Benedictine Military School deferred to a future date.
  • Planned gifts are a vital source for assuring the financial strength, continuity, growth, and traditions of BC.
  • Planned gifts serve as crucial elements of your estate planning and tax savings strategies.


  • Gifts that Cost Nothing
    Include Benedictine as a beneficiary in your
    • Will
    • Life insurance policy
    • IRA or 401(k) or 403(b)

  • Gifts that Produce Income
    These are gifts that can be arranged now using assets that will eventually pass to Benedictine but from which you can draw income during your lifetime. Such life income gifts include charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts. 

    Life income gifts can be structured to substantially increase the income you are receiving from the assets while also providing you a significant current income tax deduction.

  • Gifts that will provide IMMEDIATE Tax Savings and benefit Benedictine NOW
    A direct distribution from your IRA to Benedictine is available now for those aged 70 ½ or older. The Tax Relief Act of 2010 allows qualified individuals to make direct distributions from traditional or Roth IRAs without incurring any federal income tax on the amount withdrawn (up to $100,000). The distribution must be made directly from the IRA to Benedictine.
For more information about how you can leave a legacy to BC, please contact: 
Greg Markiton ‘92
Director of Advancement
(912) 644-7016

Don’t have a will?

You’re not alone! Now is a great time to start planning, and please consider including BC in your estate plans. Contact Greg Markiton for suggested “bequest language” and the Benedictine Military School Tax ID number for you to share with your attorney.

You Can’t Take It With You

Josh Mallard graduated from Benedictine in 1997. He attended the University of Georgia on a football scholarship and was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in the 2002 NFL Draft. He played professional football for nine season and today is the owner of Savannah’s DataOne Merchant Services. Josh has established a scholarship at BC through his will and is now the youngest member of the 1902 Heritage Society at Benedictine.

“My parents sacrificed to send me to BC,” Mallard said. “I wouldn’t be where I am in life without Benedictine. Not only did BC prepare me for the University of Georgia and NFL, it prepared me for my time after college in the business word. To me, it wasn’t a difficult decision to add Benedictine to my will. Anyone who has had the experiences I’ve had should try to offer that to the next generation of Cadets. It is something I think everyone should do.

“I wanted to leave something behind so someone could have the experiences I had at Benedictine: the lifelong friendships, the top-rated education, and the connections in the business world,” Mallard continued. “The scholarship will be used for that young man that maybe just needs a little financial help. He doesn’t have the funds but he has the heart, the brains, and would represent Benedictine well. I would like to give him an opportunity that maybe he wouldn’t otherwise have.”

Is Benedictine Military School already in your will, trust or other estate plans? Thank you! Please let us know about your plans. Call or email Greg Markiton ‘92 in the Advancement Office and he will add your name to the 1902 Heritage Society. Your gift may remain anonymous, if you like.