Welcome to Alumnifire

We are excited to announce the launch of Alumnifire- a FREE networking platform powered by BC alumni interested in opening doors for fellow alumni and students. Alumnifire is being sponsored in a partnership between the BC Alumni Association and the school’s Advancement Office. Alumnifire is used by top national and regional alumni communities across the country and it will help our 6,700+ BC alumni open doors for one another around the world! 

  • Career advice
  • Connections
  • Informational interviews
  • Introductions
  • Job postings & job search
  • Job shadowing opportunities    
  • Mentoring
  • Resume reviews
Alumnifire is full of Cadets looking to open doors. It also highlights jobs at companies where Benedictine alumni work so members can quickly navigate potential opportunities with ease. Alumnifire makes it easy to connect with fellow BC alumni that can help you. Every member of BC’s Alumnifire is growing the value and prestige of our community by sharing personal and professional expertise with fellow members. Alumnifire is also a great way to help younger grads and students navigate opportunities in the real world.

How to join
Visit to create your free account. You can register with your LinkedIn account, Facebook account, or email address. You'll be approved by a moderator within 48 hours. 


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