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Capital Campaign

Campaign Surpasses $22 Million

The Forward, Always Forward Capital Campaign, which began with an original goal of $12 million, exceeded $22,750,000 in December 2022 thanks to the incredible support and belief of the Benedictine community. Construction is nearly complete for our final project- the new parking lot, campus entrance, and security upgrades. 

Father Frank explains, “Our efforts are now focused on this conclusive, but incredibly important development which will serve many purposes, most significantly the expansion of our parking spaces from 210 to 431. A  handsome new fence with brick columns and black railing will refine the entrance which has not changed much since the Seawright Drive campus originally opened in the fall of 1963. This plan, which includes a new guard house and security gate will also greatly enhance the campus’ security, its environmental endowment, and curb appeal.  Beyond a doubt, this is a mammoth project.  That said, we see it as critical to the safety of our Cadets, the enhanced aesthetics of the campus and the much-needed parking expansion.  It is a critical next step in the planning of a future stadium complex,” he says. 
The Forward, Always Forward Capital Campaign has become the largest fundraising effort in school history. It was built on a foundation of financial stability adding no long-term debt to the school.
The Final Project: Security, Parking, and Campus Entrance

Campaign Priorities

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  • Ensure Academic Excellence

    Construct a new 10-classroom academic wing to provide a collegiate-style learning environment for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). 100% FUNDED

    Renovate our existing classrooms to create state-of-the-art learning centers with upgraded workstations, equipment, wireless technology, and sound systems. UNDERWAY

    Rebuild the school entrance to improve security with new fencing, school sign, parking lot, and landscaping.
  • Endow our Legacy

    Expand our financial aid program to make a Benedictine education a possibility for more families. UNDERWAY

    Provide for professional development for our faculty, making it possible to attract and retain top quality faculty and staff. UNDERWAY
  • Establish a home for BC Athletics

    Improve our overall athletic facilities to include a new first-class synthetic-turf field with energy efficient lighting and bleachers for our home fans and visitors, which will lay the foundation for a future stadium complex. 100% FUNDED

Campaign Project Update

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A Vision of the Future of BC

Campaign History & Achievements