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Capital Campaign

Archabbot Boniface Wimmer, O.S.B.

“Forward, always forward, everywhere forward! We must not be held back by debts, bad years, or by difficulties of the times. Man’s adversity is God’s opportunity.”

Forward, Always Forward Capital Campaign

The Forward, Always Forward Capital Campaign is the most successful fundraising campaign in school history with more than $14.6 million committed to date. Thank you to those who have so generously contributed to the success of our campaign to drive this vision forward.

Phase 1 (complete)

  • 15 new members of the 1902 Heritage Society (Planned Giving)
  • 8 newly created endowed scholarships
  • Constructed Savannah’s largest NCAA regulation-size synthetic-turf athletic field for soccer, lacrosse, and football. Added 1,600 new bleacher seats on the east side of the field. Expanded and lit the Ricky McAllaster Lacrosse Field to a regulation size lacrosse field. Lit the Brian Parker '10 Baseball Field. (2019)
  • The original Biology and Chemistry Laboratories were updated into four brand new classrooms (2018)
  • Phase II of the Brown STEM Wing was completed (2018)
  • The roofs on the academic building and cafeteria were replaced (2017)
  • Phase I of the 19,000 square foot Brown STEM Wing was completed (2017)
  • Georgia Power installed all new hi-voltage power lines throughout campus to support our new energy efficient infrastructure (2015)
  • The athletic field was lit with energy efficient stadium lights (2015)
  • BC leased seven acres of unused land to HealthSouth, which will generate revenue for our endowment to support student financial aid (2015)
  • B-Wing was completely renovated with modern classrooms and renamed Brent Hall in honor of Mr. & Mrs. John Brent ’59 (2014)
  • The baseball field was updated with a new infield, warning track, brick backstop, paving and bleachers (2014)
  • The Barlow Learning Center and resource program was created to serve young men with specific learning needs (2014)
  • BC launched a new music program with a national partnership (2014)

Phase 2 (underway)

  • Build a new Athletic Plaza featuring a concession stand, restrooms, a named brick plaza, and new landscaping. (underway)

  • Improve our campus environment and security by rebuilding our front entrance and installing a new perimeter fence with a guard gate while also expanding and repaving our parking lot.

  • Renovate the last remaining classrooms within the academic building.

Campaign Priorities

List of 3 items.

  • Ensure Academic Excellence: $6 million

    Construct a new 10-classroom academic wing to provide a collegiate-style learning environment for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). 100% FUNDED

    Renovate our existing classrooms to create state-of-the-art learning centers with upgraded workstations, equipment, wireless technology, and sound systems. UNDERWAY

    Rebuild the school entrance to improve security with new fencing, school sign, parking lot, and landscaping.
  • Endow our Legacy: $2 million

    Expand our financial aid program to make a Benedictine education a possibility for more families. UNDERWAY

    Provide for professional development for our faculty, making it possible to attract and retain top quality faculty and staff. UNDERWAY
  • Establish a home for BC Athletics: $4 million

    Improve our overall athletic facilities to include a new first-class synthetic-turf field with energy efficient lighting and bleachers for our home fans and visitors, which will lay the foundation for a future stadium complex. UNDERWAY